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Tools For Beauty Set 24 Professional Pink Brushes

Tools For Beauty is a manufacturer of makeup accessories, hair and nail care. The brand offers a wide range of products for professional and individual customers. The brand's mission is to create a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products with modern and desirable designs at affordable prices. The Tools For Beauty stands out in the market paying attention to detail and understanding the needs of customers.

A set of 12 professional makeup brushes. The set includes classic types and kabuki brushes for face, eye and lip makeup. have high-performance properties. With their help, you can achieve the flawless and perfect look of makeup. The set comes in an elegant case.


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The set contains the following brushes: Powderbrushes - perfect for applying powders and mineral bases, ideal for final touches

Blush brushes - perfect for applying blush and bronzer, work well for a smooth contour

Base brushes - for applying a loose, liquid or creamy base, perfect for a flawless and natural look

Flat top brush for mineral base - perfect for mineral foundations, the brush allows the application and perfect blend of mineral products

Concealer brushes - perfect for concealer application, brushes provide greater coverage without stains

Shadow brushes - perfect for applying and mixing shadows

Mixing brushes - perfect for multitasking, work well with blushes, base or bronzer, provide an impeccable base

Brushes - fine and precise brushes, perfect for contouring and filling lips

Eyelash brush - spoolie brush, perfect for combing eyelashes, helps separate eyelashes and remove excess mascara

Eyeliner brushes - perfect for fine, precise lines

Large brush - a large, soft brush for applying powder, perfect for finishes

Flat kabuki brush - perfect for mineral foundations, allows the perfect application and mixing of mineral products

Rounded kabuki brush - a soft, thick brush for powder, bronzer or blush application

Blush brush - and perfectly brushed for blush and bronzer, works well for a smooth contour

Mixing brush - perfeiti for multitasking, works well with blushes, base or bronzer, they provide a flawless base

Large brush for shadows - soft brush for shadows, perfect for powder and cream application for shadows and blending

Brush for large shade - perfect for applying eyeshadow across the eyelid and under the eyebrows.

Corrective brush - allows precise corrector application in hard-to-reach locations, providing high stain-free coverage

Eyeshadow Blending Brush - perfect for the perfect blend of shadows for a make-up look with smoky eyes

Conical mixing brush - perfect for mixing shadow in the crease area of the eyes or under the lower eyelid

Brush - a thin and precise brush allows precisely contoured edges, helps draw the outline and fills the lips with a lipstick

Eyebrow brush - a small angled brush allows eyebrows to be precisely filled or to draw by individual


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